Security in the Storm

Concrete masonry buildings are structurally sound. They are weather, earthquake, flood and fire resistant.  It's not surprising that masonry buildings make the best evacuation shelters. 


Concrete masonry does not burn, melt, or warp, and is the ideal material for fire-resistant applications.

Thanks to these and other widely recognized safety benefits of concrete masonry, insuring a concrete masonry building is noticeably less expensive.

Security in our Schools

Let's face it, our world isn't always as safe as it once was.   Masonry construction provides a protective barrier between your child and danger.

Security All Around

With recent concerns regarding safety from life threatening acts such as bombings, biological weaponry and random shootings, many Contractors are opting to use building products that offer the best protection.  This effort toward the highest security and durability is especially sought after in buildings used as government offices, schools and correctional facilities.  Designers of such buildings as the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. have opted to use masonry products to provide the maximum security for both the human lives as well as the important records housed inside the structure.

In the case of a bombing or fire, masonry plays an integral part in securing a building.  Masonry walls can be used to compartmentalize a structure for the containment of fires.  Masonry can also be used to structurally stabilize as well as defer much of the weight load in the event of a blast that causes the loss of a column.  Masonry, in turn helps to prevent progressive collapse of the structure.


Under test conditions, walls made using 8-inch solid or solidly grouted concrete masonry units as well as those made of 12-inch hollow concrete masonry units with sand-filled cores both deterred bullets from high-powered rifles, revolvers and machine guns from passing through them.  In the case where natural light is preferred, bullet-resistant glass block can be used effectively for security without creating the look and feel of a bunker.


Because concrete block and brick are very durable and can take all kinds of abuse it is often used in schools, correctional facilities.

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