Concrete Masonry is Durable!

While a number of exterior finishes may look fabulous on grand opening day, many age badly and quickly. At best, their appeal can be extended with regular reapplication and/or cleaning, erasing the installation cost savings that made them attractive options in the first place, and creating an annuity for a maintenance provider. Masonry does not look dated after ten years, but instead looks great after twenty, or fifty, or hundred. It frequently looks better over time. With no painting. With no washing. Still standing and looking beautiful long after its alternative has passed through its dated embarrassment phase, through its eyesore phase, and into its demolition and replacement phase.


In particular, concrete masonry makes sense for building in areas where moisture and heat can wreak havoc on buildings constructed with less sturdy materials.  Building with masonry reduces maintenance and upkeep costs and can significantly extend the life of your home or business.




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