Apprenticeship Training Program

VMA’s Apprenticeship Program offers important knowledge to those who are interested in learning the trade of masonry. Apprentices are employed by one of our contractor members and work during the day while taking classes at night.  Many of our member Contractors even offer 401K and health benefit packages!


Apprentices attend classes provided by VMA one night a week for 10 weeks at each of three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Upon successful completion of the 3.5 year Apprenticeship Program, a certificate will be awarded from VMA.  Once Apprentices have gained enough knowledge and experience in the trade, opportunities for promotion to Journeyman Bricklayers, earning $35,000 to $40,000 a year, then to Foreman, earning $40,000 to $50,000 a year are possible.


Masonry is a trade that offers a wide variety of careers. If physical, outdoor work is more appealing to you, a position as foreman or field superintendent may be ideal for you. If you prefer a variety of duties and enjoy working closely with other trade professionals, you may prefer a position in masonry sales or as an estimator. Regardless, every mason has the opportunity to own his/her own business, in fact most owners of masonry businesses started out themselves as masons.


Whichever career path is chosen, the Apprenticeship Program provides its students with the knowledge and experience that is fundamental for a career in masonry anywhere in the United States. Masonry offers pride in building a structure with your own hands that will stand the test of time.

VMA Apprenticeship Training Program Flyer
Learn about our Masonry Apprenticeship Training Program!
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VMA Masonry Apprenticeship Syllabus
Find out all that you will learn with our program
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